Dog on bridge
Dog on bridge

Building Bridges in Pet Care

April 10th, 2020
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Information sharing has become “a must have” in society. Yet, as we crave content, the emerging challenge is, who and where is this information coming from. Can I trust the advice? When it comes to pet ownership, animal behavior, dog nutrition or cat insights, everyone has a point of view. But what if my pet is immunocompromised during this pandemic, what do I do? Or if I want to understand more about changing my pet’s diet, where do I turn. It is sad, but true, that more than 40% of pet owners go to Google or seek advice from one or more of the 6,000 Facebook Groups to seek advice.

Why not ask my veterinarian?
The reality is, we feel we are a burden or that our questions are too small. So for many of us, we seek advice elsewhere or better yet, we just hold onto our “big questions” until we get lucky enough to sit next to a veterinarian on a three-hour flight and ask every question known to exist.

While veterinarians and technicians, love their time alone on an airplane, their calling is to make a difference in the lives of pets. Providing answers to questions of inquiring pet owners is a part of their lives.

A new community - The Bridge Club Pets – has launched to create a true bridge between the veterinarian and pet owner. It’s a place where pet owners can gain the insight, guidance, and the expertise of a veterinary professional without having to visit the exam room.

(Spoiler Alert – no Bridge is played here!) However, we do borrow from the gatherings of playing cards, by having authentic and engaging conversations about pets and pet care. There are no pitches of products or infomercials. You, the pet owner can submit questions that will be answered by veterinarians and technicians. This free community launched in early April with a great conversation with Dr. Ernie Ward about caring for your pet amid COVID-19. Already, pet owners are sharing with us how much they are desperate for this real level of engagement. To join our growing community, visit: Pet owners now have a new trusted source for information and also get the added bonus of seeing people’s faces when they say they learned it at The Bridge Club Pets!

Caring for Your Pet While Sheltering with Dr. Ernie Ward